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Be Fragrant and Fresh!

Men and women alike covet fragrances that keep you feeling and smelling fresh all the daylong. They come in various types and may categorized as classic Perfumes, Eau-de-Perfume, Eau-de-Cologne and Eau-de Toilette. The only difference between all these types is mainly due the concentration of fragrant oils that are naturally extracted or synthetically made and diluted using water and high-grade alcohol. Of course, the fragrance type with highest concentration of oil lasts the longest. Cologne has 4% essential oils while Eau de Toilette or deodorant has 8% to 15% oils. Eau de Perfume or Parfum) has 15 to 22% of essential oils and Perfume or Parfum Classic has the highest concentration of more than 22% of essential oils.

On the same note, cologne and deo lasts for only two hours; eau-de-perfume may last for as many as four to five hours; and perfumes can last up to more than six hours at length. Testers or the miniature bottles of original fragrance are available in many retail stores as the introductory products to judge the clientele response and are quiet cheap. Besides these, mini-bottles that can be easily kept in purse or shaving kits are also available in the market for traveling purposes. However, some of them are marketed in some of the most innovative and artistic bottles shaped in various ways and have attracted the attention of many collectors.

The best way to wear perfume us to dab some on the points that keep warm such as inside of elbows, back of knees, wrist, neck and cleavage to make the fragrance last longer. It is better to start with lower body points and upwards while dabbing. Another way is to layer the perfumes for stronger smell. Keep group of similar fragrances available. Use the shower or bath gel of the group while having your bath and then rub in the body lotion or bath spray just after the bath. Then apply the perfume of the group as suggested above or spray it into the air and walk into the fragrance and allow your body to absorb the sweet smell. While synthetic aldehydes, coumarin, heliotropine, vanillin and ionone brought an olfactory revolution in the modern perfumery, the perfumes can be put into eight major families known as Floral, Chypre, Oriental (masculine and feminine), Woody, Aromatic and Hesperide (masculine and feminine).